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Tired of the same old bull? Then add some spice to your life by running with a sexy new crowd during Pamplona's Festival of San Fermín! For the seventh straight year, hundreds of compassionate and fun-loving people from around the world - wearing little more than plastic bull horns - will gather in Pamplona for PETA's Running of the Nudes before the annual Running of the Bulls begins. How about slipping into something more comfortable—like your birthday suit—and joining us for this festive, cheeky event which is full of babes, not bulls? Speaking of babes, check out the profiles and pics of these hot-to-trot hotties you could be partying with in Pamplona!

Emily BrownEmily Brown, 28
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
Hobbies: Painting, walking on the beach, body-boarding and cooking
Turn-Ons: Sensitive, compassionate people who share a similar interest in helping animals
Turn-Offs: Meat-eaters, violence, bigots and George Bush
Favourite Vegan Foods: Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese and Tofu Thai Green Curry
Reason for Participating: “People shouldn’t sit on the fence. I really wanted to encourage people to speak up and stand up for what they believe in.”
Preparation: “I’ll be doing as many interviews as possible with the media. I’ll also be buying some new white knickers!”

Nina BognerNina Bogner, 20
Hometown: Freiberg, Germany
Favourite Colour: Pink
Hobbies: Painting, shopping, designing clothes, my three rats, Betty, Selma, and Frida
Turn-Ons: Hot vegetarian guys, humorous people, party people :-)
Turn-Offs: Meat-eaters, unmaintained people
Favourite Vegan Foods: Vegan lasagne
Reason for Participating: “It is wrong to be cruel to or kill animals for any reason.”

Cedric EggenspillerCedric Eggenspiller, 28
Hometown: Toulouse, France
Favourite Colour: Dark red
Hobbies: Singing and playing bass and other instruments
Turn-Ons: People who express what they have deep inside, deep and powerful music and sensual pictures and movies
Turn-Offs: Any kind of violence towards living beings and people who say they will never change their ways even if they know their behaviour hurts or kills
Favourite Vegan Foods: Asian vegan food
Reason for Participating: “It was such a great experience to be part of this major animal rights event in the past years that it has become something I would not miss.”
Preparation: “I’ll make sure my horns are strong and shiny!”

Christine Hannes

Christine Hannes, 26
Hometown: Schoten, Belgium
Favourite Colours: Pink and silver
Hobbies: Going to the theatre, listening to music, dancing, cooking, eating and spending time with friends and family
Turn-Ons: Cabaret, comedies and disco music
Turn-Offs: People who hurt children or animals and people who don’t respect human or animal rights
Favourite Vegan Foods: Burgers and fries, lasagne, pizza, cakes, Belgian fries, chocolate
Reason for Participating: “I’m going to the Running of the Nudes because the ‘culture’ of bullfighting is just awful. This is what got me interested in animal rights in the first place. I saw it on TV when I was little, and I was really shocked. And I still am – it’s so brutal and plain stupid. It should be stopped as soon as possible. And it’s our job to show these people that this kind of animal abuse has to stop! And the way PETA does it is great! We show people that there is a much nicer, more peaceful alternative.”
Preparation: “I’ll try not to get fat! And I’m going to see a video in some of my classes about bullfighting. I don’t have any other special preparation yet, but I’m always willing to do something special!”

Lilián Kimberly Jerónimo Morales

Lilián Kimberly Jerónimo Morales, 18
Hometown: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
Favourite Colour: Pink
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies with subtitles, going out with friends and/or my boyfriend, preparing raw vegan food and travelling around the vegetarian world
Turn-Ons: Sincere, sensitive and spiritual people with great hearts
Turn-Offs: Food that isn’t raw, murder, cruelty, injustice, corpse-eaters (carnivorous people), ignorant people and people who don’t respect nature
Favourite Vegan Foods: Mixed salads, raw alternatives to cookies and breads, sweet fruits and pottages

Peter SteffensenPeter Steffensen, 29
Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark
Favourite Colour: Green, red
Hobbies: Cooking, volunteering at an animal shelter, coordinating various activities against cruelty to animals, being among friends, animals, nature and travelling
Turn-Ons: Switches, nice smiles, calm and positive attitudes, intelligence and active people
Turn-Offs: Also switches, the seven deadly sins, injustice, cruelty, feeling powerless – which I seldom do!
Favourite Vegan Foods: Can’t name just one, but I seem to include pineapple in a dish quite often!
Reason for Participating: “To make a difference!”
Preparation: “To try to learn the story behind the bull run and try to understand the way the actors in this event think, because I think it is very important to understand them in order to be able to talk to them! And of course, a good workout.”

Yvonne Taylor

Yvonne Taylor, 33
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Favourite Colour: Red
Hobbies: Playing with my dog, Zack, watching movies and travelling
Turn-Ons: Guys who have a purpose in life (especially when that purpose is animal rights), rats
Turn-Offs: Anyone who doesn’t adore being around animals, broccoli and coriander
Favourite Vegan Foods: Veggie haggis!
Animal Rights Turning Point: “After many years as a vegetarian, I picked up a PETA magazine and suddenly read about all the other issues like dairy and eggs. I went vegan immediately, and that was 12 years ago.”

Lena Sliussarchik

Lena Sliussarchik, 25
Hometown: Kharkov, Ukraine
Favourite Colour: Crimson
Hobbies: Sports, reading, travelling and acting in movies
Turn-Ons: Sex and music
Turn-Offs: The imperfection of our world and its people, depression
Favourite Vegan Foods: Rice with vegetables
Reason for Participating: “To make the world better.”
Preparation: “I’ll be keeping myself in sport form and telling [people about the upcoming] event.”

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